Treatment Promotion
Since 2005, Maygi Beauty’s body binding treatments have produced impressive outcomes for many clients. Word of the amazing results soon spread – the rich and famous moms in the city now depend on Maygi Beauty’s healing hands to work its speedy magic.
Our reputation is your confidence and assurance. Because of the general immaturity of technique, the belly binding treatments on the market cannot close up enlarged bone structures; the binders are also easily loosen up and moves out of place. Our unique formfitting Body Binder can stay put for 18 hours, targeting postpartum enlarged figures and sculpting the whole body!
Ms. Leila Kong: “Amazing results!”

“Apart from increasing mother-child bonding, breastfeeding is also great for quick slimming! Talking about slimming, this is a focal issue that most postpartum women face. After giving birth to my 2nd child, I know that I will not have children again. So I had to be serious about slimming, making sure I return to my figure as in the past. Apparently, muscles still remain elastic in the postpartum period, making it the gold period for slimming. I prefer all things natural, so I found a local company on the internet that uses traditional natural abdominal binding methods! It is not like the girdles that can be bought at the store with fixed sizes, but it binds the abdomen according to each person’s shape – a little bit like the foot-binding method.

Basically, 5 days of belly binding each week and 8 hours per day is enough to get desired results. When binding, therapist would massaged my whole body with natural herbs to relax the muscles, then used a special long piece of cloth to bind and knot, each circle working its way up. The results are very astonishing – a short week or 2 can already show very dramatic results! Many friends have asked me how I slimmed down so fast, so I will share it here. Traditional abdominal binding method: Maygi Beauty

To avoid misunderstanding, the effect of the therapy may vary because of different body condition of the individual customer. There is no gurantee that the therapy will yield the same result for every customer.
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After 1 month of 1200cal diets + 2hrs exercise daily + thanks to #Maygibeauty Angie's #naturalbodybindingtreatment 👉 tightening post-baby belly and sculpting waist & body 💪 I finally found my Body 🤗🤗 Will share recipes + exercise routines next time! #postbabybody #loseweight #nothingisimpossible