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Postpartum hormones shrinks the breasts, darkens its color and decreases elasticity. Many moms lose confidence in their appearance which greatly affects their moods.

The good news is that breast beautifying can be done anytime, even starting in the postpartum period. Pregnancy is a woman’s second chance at puberty – taking hold of this golden period with great care would allow the breasts to return to vitality and fullness, preventing and decreasing sagging.

This is a 2 hour course that is taught by a very experienced therapist trainer. Moms will learn DIY breast beautifying methods and techniques of how to care and protect the breasts. Moms will be able to practice with ease, learning skills that will keep your breasts beautiful for years to come.

Postpartum DIY Bust Beauty Course
‧ Pre-Natal Bust Care
‧ Postpartum Lactation Induction Massage
‧ Post-breastfeeding Lactation Suppression and Bust Care
‧ Ancient Harem Bust Beauty Secrets
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To avoid misunderstanding, the effect of the therapy may vary because of different body condition of the individual customer. There is no gurantee that the therapy will yield the same result for every customer.