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Having a large, firm and full bust line can make the most beautiful woman appear even more attractive and feel that much more confident in her own skin. Getting to the roots of breasts sagging problems, Natural Bust Beauty Treatment gives satisfactory results to women from all walks of life especially mothers who have just stopped breastfeeding.
Two problems with postpartum breasts:

1) What happens to your breast milk after you get done nursing?
After weaning, the fatty tissue and connective tissue in a mother’s breasts may shift and shrink. Milk that remains may not have sufficient time to be expressed from the breasts. In general, the human body is able to absorb 80% of the residual milk. Yet, the other 20% continues to accumulate inside the milk ducts and as time goes by, it gets sour and spoiled, putting the mother’s health at risk. These blocked milk ducts eventually causes breast engorgement and even breast cancer in severe cases.

2) What is breast engorgement?
Breast engorgement is one of the most common conditions occurred in the mammary glands. Engorgement happens when there is an alteration in hormonal level in the breasts, causing mild to extreme pain. In certain cases, engorgement can lead to mastitis in which the breasts can become swollen and soar or a lump may be detected at part of the chest.

Main benefits:

1) The release of residual milk
In order to regain the once-buoyant chest with young perky nipples, the discharge of the accumulated milk after lactation is essential.

With the release of the excessive milk, the milk ducts automatically restore their functions; delivering nutrients to the breasts while carrying toxins away. Cells are nourished, then milk ducts, fibrous tissues and fats are reactivated, giving the breasts a nature, abundant and luscious shape. The breasts are then rejuvenated back to their prime!

2) Reduce breast engorgement
Through specialized Meridian massage and our Anion Machine, breast engorgement could be reduced, reviving your natural healthy full breasts!

3) Arm firming and breast enlargement
After pregnancy, arms gain weight but with our massage therapy and Anion Machine, the unwanted fats gathered at the arms could be transferred to the breasts, giving your bust a natural boost. Killing two birds with one stone!

4) Pink and perky areola
As a result of hormonal changes, the nipples and areolas are expected to get darker after pregnancy.
The good news is that with this treatment, the toxins in the residual milk could be released. Melanin production can be reduced through Meridian acupuncture which facilitates the stimulation of blood flow, restoring a charming fair tone to your nipples and areolas!

5) Balance uneven breasts
Many women have uneven breasts. Whether it is since birth or after breastfeeding, asymmetrical breasts can be even out with this treatment, balancing the breasts into desirable shape and size.

Natural Bust Beauty Treatment is the solution to numerous breast-related issues to all females, effectively restoring maternal breasts to their pre-pregnant days and giving your bust a natural plump and upright boost!

Our precious Bulgarian Essential Rose Oil and Placenta Essence provide exquisite nourishment for the breasts. Moreover, our specific Meridian massage enhances hormonal stimulation, so that the essence is absorbed even more effectively. Together with the groundbreaking Anion Machine, energy is then charged into your breasts. Now you can travel back in time and enjoy a second spring with your once again pubic breasts!
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To avoid misunderstanding, the effect of the therapy may vary because of different body condition of the individual customer. There is no gurantee that the therapy will yield the same result for every customer.