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Maygi Beauty took the abdominal binding traditions from different cultures, and worked to refine and improve the technique in the past 20 years. Coupled with a family herbal recipe, the “Healthfit Reshape Binding Program” reached the next level of effectiveness – allowing both recent and many years’ postpartum women to get back pre-baby curves in 15 days.

Healthfit Reshape Binding Program
During pregnancy, the hormone Relaxin in mom’s bodies cause the body to expand and the pelvic bone to open up – losing the shape and curves unique to our youthful years. The combination of herbal full body massage and the formfitting Body Binder brings a natural slimming effect.
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3-Step Healthfit Reshape Program


Step 1
“Quality Organic Herbs”
Freshly picked and prepared by Maygi’s family organic farm, warm herbal poultice is applied to the abdomen, effective for restoring the uterus, “de-winding” the abdomen, reducing stretch marks and tightening the belly

Step 2
Full Body Contour Massage
Massage the full body with handcraft organic herbal oil to release water and fat retention, and drain the lymph – allowing moms to recover pre-baby curves in comfort.
Step 3
360 degrees - Unique Formfitting Body Binder

Wrap and wind a long piece of cloth snugly around the pelvis to the upper abdomen in 360 degrees for 50 times to knit a “Body Binder”.

Each loop precisely compress and sculpt the body – helping enlarged bones structures to go back to its former dimensions and reshape womanly curves, giving both recent and many years’ postpartum women significant results.

The Body Binder can assist abdominal wall muscle retraction and support body recovery, while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and position. Our unique Body Binder is designed to stay tight, stay put, and stay in shape for 10 hours and does not affect breastfeeding. Moms can also wear it under work attires or pajamas.

1 Session
Treatment Centre
Experience price: $1,580
5 Sessions
Treatment Centre
Discount offer: $12,500
10 Sessions
Treatment Centre
Discount offer: $18,800
Home Service
Discount offer: $25,800
15 Sessions
Treatment Centre
Discount offer: $28,000
Home Service
Discount offer: $37,000
Get back pre-pregnancy curves in 15 days
To avoid misunderstanding, the effect of the therapy may vary because of different body condition of the individual customer. There is no gurantee that the therapy will yield the same result for every customer.