Treatment Promotion

Maygi Beauty’s “Body Binder” is a modernized ancient tradition that receives doctors and nurses’ unanimous approval and recommendation.

“Maygi’s tailored ‘Body Binding Treatment’ can speedily repairs abdominal wall muscles, de-wind and expel gas from the body, causing the abdomen to return to pre-pregnancy shape.”

Physical Therapy Specialist
Sarah Fenn
Nurse Midwife

“The postpartum period is the golden period of sliming for moms because of the hormone Relaxin. Maygi’s unique “Body Binding” uses the pull and support of the Body Binder to close up the enlarged ribcage and pelvic bones. It will speedily improve the problem of the enlarged rear, helping moms to get back pre-baby curves.”

“Abdominal binding can lift up and hold the dropped uterus and other vital organs. It will prevent internal organs from pressure that causes constriction of blood flow, organs to deform, and the lower abdomen to protrude. If moms persevere, their body recovery effects will be very apparent. Not only will the belly be flattened out, but symptoms such as back and waist pain will also see big improvement.”

Image and excerpt taken from 《產後快瘦,從坐對月子開始!!》

Dr. Cheng Chi Kin 鄭志堅
Chief of Service, Obstetrics/Gynecology Department in Cathay General Hospital/ Ark Plan Publishing