Treatment Promotion
Our original herbs for our treatment,
the best from Maygi's family "Zen Organic Farm"
360 degrees - Organic Formfitting Body Binder

Since becoming the first Hong Kong “body binding” specialist shop in 2005, Maygi Beauty treatments have used the best quality organic herbs in the handcraft of its family recipe-d herbal poultices – allowing moms to have the best possible loving care and body reshape effects!

Wrap and wind a long piece of cloth snugly around the pelvis to the upper abdomen in 360 degrees for 50 times to knit a “Body Binder”. Each loop precisely compress and sculpt the body point by point – targeting the rear, waist, abdomen and back, and can precisely help enlarged bones structures to go back to its former dimensions and reshape womanly curves. The Body Binder is designed to 1) stay tight, and 2) stay put, and 3) stay in shape for 10 hours, allowing the best body shaping effects!

Moms can wear it under work attires or pajamas. Both recent and many years’ postpartum women have gotten significant results, making it the premium choice for Hong Kong’s rich and famous!