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Our Story

Being a therapist and a new mom, Ms. Maygi Ng founded Maygi Beauty in 2005 with the vision of providing soothing “body binding” treatments that support and help new mothers get back into shape with ease. She was among the first to introduce the ancient post-natal beauty tradition to Hong Kong. The treatments are done by hand, providing a personal and healing touch to very deserving moms. Word of the amazing results soon spread – the rich and famous moms in the city now depend on Maygi Beauty’s healing hands to work its magic.

Utilizing 20 years of experience and insight, Maygi designed the treatments and handcrafted herbal poultice to accelerate recovery back to pre-baby curves and vitality for all moms. The recently launched Natural Bust Enhancement Treatment can help moms get that perky bounce back in just 10 days.

Treatments are developed with the firm belief in the tender touch of the hands and the healing power of herbs. All herbs are freshly picked and prepared from Maygi’s family organic farm. We insist on using organic ingredients without pesticides, striving to give moms and babies the best loving care.

Our cheerful therapist team have received at least 24 weeks of professional training, in order to give each and every mom the best quality care possible. We support and employ mothers, and provide them with flexible working hours to take care of their own family. We are aware that overwhelming our therapists would bring wear and tear to their bodies; therefore, our team is allotted with appropriate workload to ensure the best shape to serve our clients.

Going on to our 12th year, we gained much of our business by word of mouth recommendations. We promise to continue to faithfully serve our clients, and go on as a conscientious service provider that treats all of our clients with fairness, giving back to the moms of Hong Kong with love!

Secret Organic Recipe

Our herbal poultice uses the best from Maygi’s family “Zen Organic Farm.” Best quality organic herbs are picked according to an age-old family recipe, and freshly prepared to enhance treatment results.